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Meet Our Team!

Keith Flowers "GM"

Wandar Zem'Kazul

Hi ! its nice to meet you!

As Gm I put my hands in it all... from concept to quality control. I have started to assemble an Amazing Team and I believe you will be very happy with everything we are doing, and have planned for the future! I sincerely appreciate all of your support, and I plan to give back to the gaming community and team members as much as I can. Know that every purchase you make is very special to me, my family, and this amazing group of team members! A portion of every sale will be put to use for some sort of charity! We have very big plans so please join us on this adventure and I promise personally to make it a special experience.

Amanda Flowers "Real GM"

Gracie Golden'Touch

As the REAL GM, I'll make sure his hands are clean before he touches anything! I do the inspections to make sure we have top quality products that are created with the upmost care. We pride ourselves on making creations that are beautiful and will last! Being able to work alongside your family designing things people love, there really isn't anything better than that! I'm looking forward to helping create YOUR next masterpiece for your gaming experience.

Dakoda Flowers "Dice DE molder extraordinaire "

Winter Rose

Winter Rose is still learning the ropes but is a big helper when it comes to de-molding the dice. With our help, she helps take the molds out of the pressure pots and helps to pull the dice out. She's a quick learner but we only allow her to help with the easier, safer parts of the business. She hopes to one day learn about it all so she can do it all! She loves to see the way the dice look after they come out. She's amazed by all the things our team can do!

PS. She wanted to let you all know she is the Queen of all if you find a bug in your dice, she probably put it there!

Summer Flowers (Dice Goblin)

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is too little to do much of anything but she loves to bring things to you while you are working! But not things you need unfortunately. Some of her favorite things to bring you are shoes, toys, trash, just to name a few. She likes to stay active in the business and loves to steal one or two dice when she can get her sweet little hands on them. We can't wait to watch her, and her love of gaming, grow!

Peter Mendez (3d Sculpter)

Xuan Risov

Hey everyone, I am a 3D artist who has worked for The Wizardz Hat for over a year. It's been an awesome ride so far and we have created some pretty spectacular things.

My main focus is 3D Modelling and a good portion of rigging but I do have minor experience in animating and material creation. I have an Associates in Science degree having majored in Digital Media and Animation. I have over 8 years of experience in creating 3D Models; having used programs such as AutoCAD, Maya, Fusion, 360, Meshmixer, Mudbox, Blender, and more. I also have some minor coding experience in Javascript, HTML, CSS, and I have some minor experience in using Unreal Engine's Blueprint System.

I have loved working with The Wizardz Hat thus far and I can't wait to continue creating for you.

Amanda Raines ( Artisan )

Katya Peace'Breaker

Hi Everyone!

I recently started working for The Wizardz Hat and I LOVE IT! Amanda taught my daughter last year and I met Keith through my dad setting up a DnD session! They are a great family with an amazing vision! I look forward to everything they have planned for the future as a community member and a member of this team.

I have been painting miniatures for over 10 years and it is truly my passion. I was taught the craft by my dad and uncle who have both been in the crafts since the 70s. I continuously practice my techniques, and learn new ones, to upgrade the skills in my craft.

I look forward to to working with you to bring your imagination to life!

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