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Preparing FOR Gamers N Geeks Free Fall Con

Hey everyone! its Griffith the Wizardz Hat Artificer. I Hope today is full of Arcane Delight for you 😊 We all here at The Hat are preparing with GREAT IMPETUS for the Fall Con! Our excitement grows to new heights with every day closer to the Con for all it has in store for The Wizardz Hat. Our Tables will be full with our geometrical Math stones (sets, chonks, and individuals), dice bags, dice trays, throw blankets, and much more that will appeal to your inner treasure hording dragon!! Come out and support us on SEP 25 AT 11 AM CDT – SEP 26 AT 6 PM CDT at Gamers N Geeks 5701 Moffett Rd Suite N, Mobile, AL 36618!! I and the Crew will be looking forward to meeting you!