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All things new!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend so far! Yesterday, we spent some time at the park, dropped off some dice to the store, then had a nice family lunch and started cleaning out the pool in preparation for summertime! Went out and picked some Mulberries this morning and currently have a Mulberry pie in the oven (smells SOOO good). We have so much going on and I wanted to share a few new things going on over here at The Wizardz Hat. We de-molded some dice yesterday and my new Paladin sets will be arriving shortly, YAY! We have a new template setup for making characters (SUPER COOL!) and have some new handmade DM screens becoming available. They are AWESOME! We also have new dice boxes in the works, new towers and new miniatures being printed. I can't wait to get everything loaded so you can get your hands on them! Keep you eyes out and enjoy the rest of your weekend :)